Hello again to March snowbirds!

Aztec Orange

Aztec Orange

Due to an unfortunate server crash during February, we have decided to extend the sales madness during March. Prices are low, low, low and we hope you will be able to take advantage.

Our show at Witan’s French Market in Akron went very well and we hope to repeat the adventure next year. To all who came out we send our thanks. To Jaffee and Penny we send our best; it was great to reconnect with old friends.

To many of you who look at the  site, we feel like old friends and to those who are new to the site, please be patient. Due to the crash, rebuilding has been excrutiating and we have made some changes. Mainly we are grouping by category as well as including the main catalog. If you are looking for a specific image and don’t find it under a category, the old entire catalog is available; just click on MORE.

I have begun again to paint, looking forward to a show at Evangelia’s in Columbus this summer with friend and art quilter Anne Triguba. I may even have a new quilt or two; on that we shall have to see. Making art is such a privilege as well as a challenge. Sometimes it is a taskmaster; other times a boon. But always a great gift, even when I choose to ignore it for a while.

Yes, it’s time to get back into the studio.

                      Hope to see or hear from you soon.


(Our next show will be Wyoming in Cincinnati in May. See you there!)