It’s Business Time again

The Holidays are a sweet memory
and the New Year dawns!
It’s Business Time again in the Vierow household, with The Art Studio Clearance Sale ready to happen. 

Once again Ohio Designer Craftsman Enterprises sponsors the end-of-sales celebration in which vendors offer deep discounts on their wares. And we are no exception. We will be at the Clearance Sale on January 28 and 29 with a Special 20 to 30 percent off our regular prices.

Clearance Sale Prices
Cards $  3 $  2.25
Miniatures $15 $10
Archival Prints $30 $20
Matted Prints $50 $40
And to celebrate the New Year we will also have three ORIGINAL paintings on board, 9″ x 12″ for a special price of $200 each. These do not have to be framed, and are ready to hang on YOUR wall.

Two In The Bath

“Two in the Bath” celebrates the kitty fixation with water: they love it, but are deeply disturbed by our need for a tub-full.

Refigerator Magnets

“Refrigerator Magnets” is a spicy little kitchen scene with a discussion going on between the two animals. Feline dexterity means the cat can go where she pleases and canine bravado dictates she may have to stay there!

The Voyeurs

“The Voyeurs” is another bath scene, this time with a full-body immersion; Sometimes they question our very sanity; at other times they merely try it.

This is an opportunity to own an ORIGINAL painting. They will be in the booth, so stop in, say Hi and find a bargain. I don’t know my booth number yet, so stay tuned: it should come in any day now. 

The Art Studio Clearance Sale
January 28, 10 to 5
January 29, 12 to 5
in the Lausche Building in the Ohio Expo Center
on the Ohio State Fairgrounds, 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH
Admission is $6

Winterfair Is Calling!

We are at the end of another year and, topped off like a cherry sundae, with an old favorite show – Winterfair – is almost upon us. Sponsored by Ohio Designer Craftsman, this last-of-the-season show is happening December 2 – 4 at Ohio Expo Center on the State Fairgrounds.

Hours are Fri. & Sat. 10 am Р8 pm and Sun. 12 Р5 pm. Over 400  artists presenting their finest wares and yours truly showing both new and  old favorites!

My booth number is 1030, near the center aisle and the west door and we hope you can make it.

In the studio I have been busy; two of the new paintings are presented here.
“Street Musician” is the latest in a short line of four Armadillos. A humble character strumming his lute/guitar, attended by his favorite audience in a favorite village.

“Dawn” pictures a shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe attached to a simple wooden fence, all illuminated by a rising sun – a quiet image somewhere in the southwest. (As you¬† may know, the SW is a favorite theme here.)

It is almost time for the Vierows’ studio switch. For much of the year my husband’s studio is on the third floor, but come this time of year he is forced to retreat to the next level down. At this point, I surrender my space to him and move my studio into what is usually my morning exercise room. (I do Chi Gong warmups and Alexander back exercises every morning.) Though a trifle crowded, I can manage just fine and the gas bill remains at something almost payable during the winter months. Molly, our White Cat usually makes this room hers; I can’t decide whether she is happy or sad to see my drawing table, chair and assorted paints and brushes moving into her space again.

It is time of moving Рfrom one time set to another (we gain an hour tonight), from one studio space to another, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. So  let me wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and and even Happier Christmas ahead.  You are among my favorite friends and readers and I hope we can cap off the season with a friendly hug at Winterfair. Booth 1030! See you there!

Yours, Judy

Cool September Festivals

Time marches on folks…Here we are, having weathered the dreaded attack from the HOT HOT weather. Akron was 95 degrees and felt like 105, but with the help of a devoted staff at Hardesty Park, numerous bottles of frozen water (not for long) and ten minutes in the back of a police cruiser with the AC, I made it through. Does global warming mean the end of summer outdoor shows? Well, not this year anyway.

Our next outing is the 45th Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival in Upper Arlington, conjoined to Columbus for those from out of town. This festival has a long and distinguished reputation and is held on the open field/park next to the library, which usually holds a yearly book sale during the festivities. There will be music, a stage, an art tent for kids, fair food (try lemonade, large), and an organic welter of over 200 artists tents. I haven’t heard my booth number yet, but will post it when I know.

The 45th Annual Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival
Columbus, Ohio
Monday, September 5 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

This is immediately followed by the wonderful!!! Black Swamp Art & Music Festival for two days, Sat. and Sun., Sept. 10 & 11. We love this show! A small town atmosphere on the downtown main street, it extends for three blocks, and attracts both music festival goers (from another venue), returning BG grads, and many festival goers who can bike or even walk directly to the festivities. Small music groups perform during the art show; there is a children’s art tent, and, best of all, we get to meet old friends and patrons who greet me like I was family! I love it. There is plenty of parking behind businesses and even the businesses get in the act, with small sale tables on the sidewalks (never a hindrance, however.) There is a well-stocked artist recupe center for weary, hot artists, but I am usually too busy to spend much time there.

Black Swamp art & Music Festival
Bowling Green, Ohio
Saturday, September 10 – 10:00am – 7:00 pm
Sunday, September 11 – 11am – 5:00 pm

As though we still had an ounce of energy, we have a date with our third festival in a row in September РThe 13th Annual Tremont Park Arts and Cultural Festival, Sat. and Sun. Sept. 17 & 18. Tremont Park is located in Cleveland and is a small,  well directed arts and community festival. We did this fair a few years ago and neglected to put it on the schedule again through no fault of its own. So this year we are rediscovering this amazing little show and hope you will join us for our last Cleveland venue for the year.

13th Annual Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival
Tremont Park,Cleveland, Ohio
Saturday, September 17 – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, September 18 – 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

So goes out summertime schedule. Perhaps by September the weather will be more accommodating…We can at least, hope. And we hope you will join us for one or more of these merry venues! This is Judy, laughing in the air conditioning – over and out.

Here We Go Again!

Chagrin Falls was a great show – again! and we had a fantastic and tiring time last weekend. I hope we can do it again next year; it was that GOOD! We managed to avoid any deluge, just by the graces of God and the weatherman, who had promised a rainy Saturday. Instead, the decent weather held us all gently in her hand and the clouds kept scudding off overhead, much to our relief. We even got home before it turned night.












And here we go again – back to Cleveland for ODC’s Art and Music Festival in the Van Aken Shopping Center in Cleveland, 20233 Van Aken Blvd. to be exact. Again, a FREE show, with lots of great music as an added bonus. So come on over and say hi; ya gotta know I’d love to see you! There is lots of new work at the show, including those amazing “Amarillo Armadillos” .

Shaker Heights Art & Music FestivalSaturday 10 to 7, Sunday 11 to 5.

Musicians and artists for entertainment and shopping.

What a combination. So stop in and say hello.
Ya gotta know I’d love to see ya!

Schnormeier Show

Molly at the Magnolia

Molly at the Magnolia

Soon I will deliver 40 plus originals to the Schnormeier Gallery in downtown Mt. Vernon (MVNU) for my biggest show ever! Paired with fiber artist and friend Gail Larned in a two-person extravaganza – well – a really BIG show for both of us. Gail will show her large, stunning flower wall pieces. The show opens May 21 and runs to June 28, with official opening June 3, 6 to 9 pm.

The majority of my paintings for the Schnormeier are new, never having been shown before. A few have been seen on the WEB, so if you are a frequent peruser of this site, you may have seen them here. I must say there is nothing like having originals all framed and up on the wall, all together. Please join us Friday, June 3 as Gail and I celebrate the past six months of effort with a raised glass and a gnash or two.

Here is the latest in my new paintings for the show. This is Molly and her imaginary encounter with a magnolia that insists on growing its way into the kitchen. Check out the image in the chair nob that she could also be looking at. Molly is based on our very own Molly, a bit of a scaredy cat. She is fine with me, but terribly shy around anyone else, even J. and the other two cats. She was born in our garage, the only survivor of a mother with a hard life. We fed her with the other cats when we were still doing outdoor feeding, but when she presented us with four little ones, she became an indoor cat. Now she likes to sit on the second-floor porch and listen to the whispering spring winds. It’s as close as she gets to the great outdoors these days.

You will find “Molly and the Magnolia” at the Schnormeier Gallery May 21 – June 28. Please join us on Friday, June 3, from 6 to 8 for the Celebration! website | map

Doorways to Spring

Hello friends & fellow artists…

We Have survived the winter and made it into April, just as predicted!
We will start to feel some “warmer” weather by this weekend. Hear that Mr Groundhog? And flowers soon after that. My hubby has decided to re-inhabit the third floor again; he was busy all day carting his office back upstairs. Perhaps I will make the yard a priority again…

But I have been busy with other pursuits, mostly painting, preparing for a show at MVNU in Mt. Vernon in May and June. It will need 30 to 40 original works because the Schnormeier Gallery is quite large, so this has been going on for several months.

Paintings for the show are beginning to stack around the house, including several new doors and gates, among my favorite subjects. So much suggested potential exists behind a door – character and history. The questions tantalize us on the outside and bid us o knock on the gate, ring the bell…



“Sentinel” is the first, showing enigmatic symbols on a gated house. The presence of two cats suggests the people within; they become the visible souls of the house and the painting. A fearsome rack of horns is mounted over the gate, watching, of little concern to the felines below.

“El Gato” likewise inhabits a similar environment – a place I’ve almost been; certainly I’ve been there in my heart. Vines trail the walls and the small niche for the saintly statue is an old image from a very old Mexico. In the foreground, the cat (el gato) surveys his domain. Cats really do own us, don’t they?

Gale Larned will share the Schnormeier Gallery with her large and lovely three-dimensional fiber flowers and dioramas.

Show dates are May 21 to June 28, 2011.
Opening reception will be Friday, June 3 from 6 – 9 pm.
Please join us at Schnormeier Gallery, 221 S. Main St., Mt. Vernon, OH 43050.

I hope to see you there!

Bathing Beauties

These two “bathing beauties” are part of my ongoing bath series, they are the newest and could even be considered something of a “pair”. These are painted on Masonite panels; they are small, about (9″ x 12″) and, as hard panels instead of the watercolor paper that I usually use, they present a bit of a challenge for framing the originals. However, the prints are on paper as usual and look whimsically wonderful as such. As my other half, J. works very hard to match colors, scanning the original, pulling it through Photoshop, and color-correcting several times. It’s a long process, but definitely worth it. I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated printer…

In¬† “Two in the Bath”, two inquisitive felines are fascinated by that wonderfully awful stuff known as water, or wa-wa as it is known to cats in this house. They can’t seem to live with it or without it!

“The Voyeurs” shows a trio checking on “mom” in a tub of the “stuff”. What does she do with all that liquid? they might be asking as they marvel at her inexplicable act of immersion. Even the small brown ‘flier’ on the window sill seems to be one of “The Voyeurs” to this event.

Many thanks to the loyalists who took advantage of our February sale prices; you are much appreciated. Though prices are no longer sale prices, our normal prices are the same as they were ten years ago.

We hope you’ll take a ‘chance’, browse through the listings to find one that takes your fancy and won’t leave you alone! Cards are just $3, flat prints are $30, matted prints are $50.

Just use my online catalog, send us an email or give a call; we’d love to hear from you.

Whimsically yours,

– Judy

Amirillo Armadillos

It’s January and time for the Art Studio Clearance Sale! January 29 & 30.

Once again over 150 of the finest artists and crafts people in and near Ohio will present their wares at astounding, low, low, low prices. This is not a starving artists sale; instead we are lowering our prices to encourage sales in the dullest part of the year (here in Ohio at least), as well as to lower our inventory.

My own booth (#1080) will have all my printed stock of whimsicalities.

of which this is our newest painting.

For those of you who can’t make it in person, we are once again extenting the sale to the web. All orders through February 28th receive the same clearance sale special prices. “Amarillo Armadillos” shows three rather quiet, but brightly painted armadillos in a musical trio. Not exactly correct anatomically, they will delight those familiar with Mexican folk art or whimsey in general.

Amarillo Armadillos


Buy Amarillo Armadillos
Matte Color

All of our stock will be reduced for this show only, including flat prints, matted prints and cards at one/third off. Normally prints are $30, but at the Clearance Sale they will be priced to $20 each! A whopping 1/3 off! Our only show where we drop prices.

Two days, Saturday and Sunday, January 29 & 30 at the Lausche Building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds, Ohio Expo Center, Columbus.

Sat. 10 am – 5 pm

Sun. 12 – 5 pm

Admission is $6, 12 and under are free, with free return both days!

We’ll see you there!

– Judy Vierow

Sleep Angel

Welcome to a New Year and the first of the New Art of this decade!

“Sleep Angel” opens this email with a soft showering of beneficial sleep upon the countryside! As one who has had problems all my life with this most important aspect of our nighttime lives I can appreciate a good night’s zzzz’s whenever I get them!

And there will be more teapots coming soon! Meanwhile on to the first show of 2011.

The Art Studio Clearance Sale is happening this January 29 – 30, 2011
Sat. 10 am?5 pm ? Sun. 12 ?5 pm in the Lausche Building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, Ohio. Over 100 artists, many returning from Winterfair, will mark their wares at incredible prices. You can get real bargains here! My own prices will be down 25 to 30% on everything from cards to prints to matted pieces. So if you’ve been putting it off, waiting for the ball to drop, well…drop it has.

For the entire month of January we are offering similar deals on art from our web site, so if you cannot make it into the Lausche Building, just look up and browse til something strikes your art or funny bone. In which case you can email us at or phone us at 614-444-4568. We are happy to oblige

Art Studio Clearance Sale
Sat. 10 am -5 pm ? Sun. 12 – 5 pm
admission: $6, free return
12 and under free
NEW LOCATION – Lausche Building, Ohio Expo Center, Fairgrounds
Columbus, Ohio

The Tea Tree

“The Tea Tree” is a whimsical excuse for my own addiction to teas, in particular, the fruity flavors of Celestial Seasonings. However, good strong black teas or the much touted green teas are just as deserving. I have several cups each day, beginning with a stout cup of Raspberry Zinger in the morning, followed with a wakeup session of Chi Gung. Really gets the muscles warmed up. The sweets are shown with the various cups of tea, something for the afternoon- a layered chocolate cake surrounded by cookies. Yum! Something to free up the whimsey in us all…

The Tea Tree is is the latest of my new paintings. As we prepare for Winterfair on December 3 – 5, we’re trying to get the new prints ready to show. I like putting the newest efforts into the booth. Along with these will be a “fancy” frame – an old one resurrected from the closet and painted in a gaudy array of wonderful colors! I meant to have it ready for Louisville in October, but have set my sights on Winterfair for its debut instead. Come and see the latest in my wild imagination.

My booth number at WF is #1032 in the Bricker Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio December 3 Р5. Hours are: Friday and Saturday 10 am Р8 pm, Sunday 12 noon Р5 pm.  Admission is $7 with a free return. Daily parking is $5.

There is lots of cool stuff to see, but I really hope you will make it around to my booth, nearly where I was last year but not on the aisle. Say hello and grab a hug!