New Paintings, New Shows

First up, a tease for all my new paintings.

Night And Day

Night and Day

We’re back from the Wyoming Arts Festival (Cincinnati to most of the world). The weather forecast was threatening, but the day turned out to be beautiful, and costumers responded. Thank you!

I’ve been busy painting all winter long. with lots of new works. Now J. needs to catch up on refining the archival printing files.

Check out my website to see them all.

Next up is the Shake Heights Festival, June 16 & a 17 in Cleveland followed by Comfest, June 28 – 30, a traditional community festival begun in the 70’s that has grown to more than 85,000 people at last count.

My Shows page has all the latest festivals.


Hello again to March snowbirds!

Aztec Orange

Aztec Orange

Due to an unfortunate server crash during February, we have decided to extend the sales madness during March. Prices are low, low, low and we hope you will be able to take advantage.

Our show at Witan’s French Market in Akron went very well and we hope to repeat the adventure next year. To all who came out we send our thanks. To Jaffee and Penny we send our best; it was great to reconnect with old friends.

To many of you who look at the  site, we feel like old friends and to those who are new to the site, please be patient. Due to the crash, rebuilding has been excrutiating and we have made some changes. Mainly we are grouping by category as well as including the main catalog. If you are looking for a specific image and don’t find it under a category, the old entire catalog is available; just click on MORE.

I have begun again to paint, looking forward to a show at Evangelia’s in Columbus this summer with friend and art quilter Anne Triguba. I may even have a new quilt or two; on that we shall have to see. Making art is such a privilege as well as a challenge. Sometimes it is a taskmaster; other times a boon. But always a great gift, even when I choose to ignore it for a while.

Yes, it’s time to get back into the studio.

                      Hope to see or hear from you soon.


(Our next show will be Wyoming in Cincinnati in May. See you there!)

Judy’s February On-Line Sale!

Hello fellow Shivererrrs!


Arctic Armadillo

Arctic Armadillo

It has turned cold once again. Seems we just get a day of 50 degree weather and shed the first layer when an Arctic air mass slips one over on us overnight and we shivvvver once again.

So if you are stuck indoors as I am, why not take a moment out of your busy day, make a cup of hot tea and spend a few minutes shopping online. Especially since we are having our annual Clearance Continuation Sale. Last weekend was the Art Studio Clearance Sale here in Columbus with once-a-year prices like you wouldn’t believe. So we are keeping our prices low, low, low for the entire month of February to give you a chance to share in the goodies.

If you need an excuse, there is always Valentine’s day coming up – for you or a friend! And of course Ground Hog’s day is fast approaching for another reason to indulge. These prices won’t last past the 28th, so at one/third off it’s practically a steal.

                  Special Once-A-Year Sale Prices

                        Regular Prices         Sale Prices
Cards                         $3                           $2.25
Archival Prints           $30                         $20
Matted Prints             $50                        $ 40
Mini Prints                 $15                         $10

Just shop online or give us a call (614-444-4568). Remember we pay postage ($10 minimum order) or we’ll drive it to your door if you live close enough, or you can pick it up at the house.

Here’s to a warmer February.

Joy to the season


I have been working in the yard today as we prepare for winter, cutting old foliage, dragging out dead branches and the activity feels good.

But I’ve also been finding time and fun in the studio again.

“Joy” is the newest painting and reflects my own attitude as I spend more time painting again. The happy, energized, ‘joyful’ figure occupies the niche in the wall of a southwestern home while her three familiars do guard duty, just as my own three watch over my drawing board.

I hope you also find her a joy to be with.


As the weather vacillates between fall and winter, we approach our Premier and last-of-the-year show, Winterfair. Located in Columbus, this one-of-a-kind craft and fine arts show is a must see for all those who hunger for the finer things in life! Whether it’s to purchase (there will be plenty of that) or just to satisfy the longingto see beautiful things, you will find satisfaction on both counts at
Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 and 2.
at the Multipurpose Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus.
10 am – 8 pm Friday
10 am – 8 pm Saturday
Noon – 5 pm Sunday

Admission $7         Free Return
Children free          Parking extra.

Come see me at Winterfair.
I’ll be there with bells on!