New Paintings, New Shows

First up, a tease for all my new paintings.

Night And Day

Night and Day

We’re back from the Wyoming Arts Festival (Cincinnati to most of the world). The weather forecast was threatening, but the day turned out to be beautiful, and costumers responded. Thank you!

I’ve been busy painting all winter long. with lots of new works. Now J. needs to catch up on refining the archival printing files.

Check out my website to see them all.

Next up is the Shake Heights Festival, June 16 & a 17 in Cleveland followed by Comfest, June 28 – 30, a traditional community festival begun in the 70’s that has grown to more than 85,000 people at last count.

My Shows page has all the latest festivals.


Hello again to March snowbirds!

Aztec Orange

Aztec Orange

Due to an unfortunate server crash during February, we have decided to extend the sales madness during March. Prices are low, low, low and we hope you will be able to take advantage.

Our show at Witan’s French Market in Akron went very well and we hope to repeat the adventure next year. To all who came out we send our thanks. To Jaffee and Penny we send our best; it was great to reconnect with old friends.

To many of you who look at the  site, we feel like old friends and to those who are new to the site, please be patient. Due to the crash, rebuilding has been excrutiating and we have made some changes. Mainly we are grouping by category as well as including the main catalog. If you are looking for a specific image and don’t find it under a category, the old entire catalog is available; just click on MORE.

I have begun again to paint, looking forward to a show at Evangelia’s in Columbus this summer with friend and art quilter Anne Triguba. I may even have a new quilt or two; on that we shall have to see. Making art is such a privilege as well as a challenge. Sometimes it is a taskmaster; other times a boon. But always a great gift, even when I choose to ignore it for a while.

Yes, it’s time to get back into the studio.

                      Hope to see or hear from you soon.


(Our next show will be Wyoming in Cincinnati in May. See you there!)

Judy’s February On-Line Sale!

Hello fellow Shivererrrs!


Arctic Armadillo

Arctic Armadillo

It has turned cold once again. Seems we just get a day of 50 degree weather and shed the first layer when an Arctic air mass slips one over on us overnight and we shivvvver once again.

So if you are stuck indoors as I am, why not take a moment out of your busy day, make a cup of hot tea and spend a few minutes shopping online. Especially since we are having our annual Clearance Continuation Sale. Last weekend was the Art Studio Clearance Sale here in Columbus with once-a-year prices like you wouldn’t believe. So we are keeping our prices low, low, low for the entire month of February to give you a chance to share in the goodies.

If you need an excuse, there is always Valentine’s day coming up – for you or a friend! And of course Ground Hog’s day is fast approaching for another reason to indulge. These prices won’t last past the 28th, so at one/third off it’s practically a steal.

                  Special Once-A-Year Sale Prices

                        Regular Prices         Sale Prices
Cards                         $3                           $2.25
Archival Prints           $30                         $20
Matted Prints             $50                        $ 40
Mini Prints                 $15                         $10

Just shop online or give us a call (614-444-4568). Remember we pay postage ($10 minimum order) or we’ll drive it to your door if you live close enough, or you can pick it up at the house.

Here’s to a warmer February.

Joy to the season


I have been working in the yard today as we prepare for winter, cutting old foliage, dragging out dead branches and the activity feels good.

But I’ve also been finding time and fun in the studio again.

“Joy” is the newest painting and reflects my own attitude as I spend more time painting again. The happy, energized, ‘joyful’ figure occupies the niche in the wall of a southwestern home while her three familiars do guard duty, just as my own three watch over my drawing board.

I hope you also find her a joy to be with.


As the weather vacillates between fall and winter, we approach our Premier and last-of-the-year show, Winterfair. Located in Columbus, this one-of-a-kind craft and fine arts show is a must see for all those who hunger for the finer things in life! Whether it’s to purchase (there will be plenty of that) or just to satisfy the longingto see beautiful things, you will find satisfaction on both counts at
Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 and 2.
at the Multipurpose Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus.
10 am – 8 pm Friday
10 am – 8 pm Saturday
Noon – 5 pm Sunday

Admission $7         Free Return
Children free          Parking extra.

Come see me at Winterfair.
I’ll be there with bells on!

Hello Stalwart Friends!

Just a brief note as summer ebbs on us…We will be at Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival in Cleveland this coming weekend, Sept. 15 and 16th.

Having survived the remnants of hurricane Issac, we are programmed for “All Ahead Full Steam!” for our second-to-last outdoor show of the year. Last year Tremont Park was one of those untried events which turned into a fine little festival and we will be there again this year. If for no other reason you must definitely come for the homemade Greek food! As I recall, the stuffed grape leaves were fantastic!

Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival
Saturday September 16, 2006 11:00am – 6:00pm;
Sunday, Sept. 17, noon to 5 pm
Lincoln Park
Between W. 14th, W. 11th, Kenilworth and Starkweather,
Tremont, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Multiracial and multicultural festival featuring fine arts vendors and booths from community groups. Also includes ethnic food booths, live music and dance performances, and interactive and educational activities for children. Saturday, September 16th – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sunday, September 17th – Noon – 5:00 pm. Free.

For more information, call 216-575-0920.

On Sunday Oct. 7 the 46th annual Hyde Park Square Art Show in Cincinnati will be the last of our outdoor shows for the year. Our booth number there is 176. Hours are 10am to 5pm. This dynamite one-day show is a primo quality, highly-rated fine arts show and keeps me on my toes the entire time!

We hope you will be at one or both of these great shows to help wrap
up our outdoors shows for 2012!

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We survived!

Yes, folks, we made it through four shows in four weekends in the month of June. Summerfair, Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights and lastly, Comfest in Columbus.

We have gone through all of our boxes and re-organized everything – and done the dreaded inventory once again. Now, if we assigned a bar code to every item like the grocery stores do, it would be a whole lot easier, but we are not quite there yet – give us a few more years.

Speaking of years, we are debating how many more outdoor shows we can still do in the years ahead. With temperatures soaring into the nineties, we are extremely glad no shows were scheduled for the entire month of July. Viva the AC!

I had a lovely thing happen at the library recently… A youngster about 9 came up to me and asked if I was the lady that does the paintings. When I said yes, he said he had purchased a piece at a recent Comfest and he had a whole wall of my work in his bedroom. And
he looked  so happy when he said it! Be they child or adult, I love to hear how happy the painting makes someone. It makes my day wonderful all over again.

So on to the 35th Annual Lakewood Arts Festival in Cleveland, Saturday, August 4, certainly one  of the best one-day shows around. The show is held on the roped-off street for several blocks in a downtown district that reminds me of the little town in South Dakota where I grew up. Lots of small businesses, some still open during festival. Lakewood hours are 10 to 6. Stop in and see our newest work, buy some cards and keep the post office open!

A few days later, comes Salt Fork Arts and¬† Crafts Festival in the city park, Cambridge, Ohio. We’ve never done this one before, but the festival¬† has a long history and we hope you’ll come. Hours are
Friday, August 10, 11 – 8,
and Saturday, August 11, 9 – 6.

See you there!

The Whatnot ShelfHere is an image from my newest series of whatnot shelves – slightly strange devices from Victorian days that hold whatever feels precious. Wish I’d kept my grandmother’s corner shelf! Now I just paint the memory.

Stay  cheerful РJudy

A Leap of Faith…

The¬† door to the shows is almost open and we are getting up steam for the summer ahead. A few weeks ago I was sure we would have a broiling hot time under the tent, but considering the very, very cool, even cold weather at this moment, I wonder if we will really actually get to summer this year! We have to take a leap of faith to schedule all the shows on the horizon…

Here are two new paintings:

Amarillo Lovers

“Armadillo Lovers” chronicles the love life of the ever evolving ‘dillo clan, those crazy-patterned, hard-shelled, Southwestern folks. Here, two lovers hold the ‘Impassioned’ position in the ‘Dillo book of favorite clutches. Their version of the ‘Dillo Kama Sutra.

Fiesta Wear

“Fiesta Wear” is another bright, fat, full teapot reminiscent of the famous pottery by (almost) the same name. A jolly purveyor of good cheer in the form of (yum) hot tea with goodies.

May 20 will be our first show of the season, Wyoming, in Cincinnati.

Just today I got a call from our second show of the season, Cincinnati’s Summerfair; we plan to be there the first weekend, June 1-3.

June is definitely our busiest month, with Art by the Falls in Chagrin Falls near Cleveland, the weekend of June 9 and 10.

We hope to be in Shaker Heights ODC show the June 16 weekend, and Comfest here in Columbus, the final weekend of June.

While a few others have been confirmed, some are still pending for the remainder of the summer; stay tuned for more on the following months later.

For now, I hope to see you at one or more of these fine outdoor dhows. You can stop in the booth, say hi, and see the latest prints and some interesting originals as well.

Meanwhile painting in the studio has been slow for awhile. I am working to get my inspiration kick-started again by trying something a bit different; taking that leap of faith turns out to be many tiny leaps of faith in one direction, until a new idea can be moved from the back to the front burner.¬† I feel I am about to make that movement at last – I’ll let you know where it takes me so in the future front pages…

Painting Little Checks!



Hey! You’d never guess I like painting little checks! Well, I do get off on the¬† details and “Casserole” is no exception. A small tableau in a homely life.

Tabletops have been a passion of mine ever since school, where I drew whatever I could find, and the tabletop in my apartment was a prime candidate. I even got a cash award for one of them at University of Oklahoma at Norman.

I sometimes wonder what the new art building there looks like. The sophomores who call me every year say it’s incredible! Trouble is – I know it doesn’t look anything like the ancient architectural monstocity that contained our studio and classroom spaces back in the 60’s. I think going back after all these years might just muddy a lot of fond memories.

If you’re out there, Charles Ng, I’d love to get in touch! And anyone else who carrys a faint memory of life in Norman in the early 60’s, send an email to yours truly at Same goes for everyone who visits this site, send me an email too!! Let’s have a party!

Guess I’m in a sentimental, goofy mood tonight. One thing about this web site, it makes me think about my life both past and present just to uncover content for a new front page. Life is a casserole, after all!

What’s it All About

Sometimes as an artist I have to come up¬† with a statement, so I’ve been trying to decide just what is it that I do? – what are my paintings about? “I take what I find around me and I add the “odd” into the everyday. I mostly paint what is around me,¬† ordinary life -¬† and add to it color, weird shapes, unusual images, until it is transformed, off kilter, strange.” 

I am not a folk artist though I feel like one and sometimes almost paint like one. I just hope you enjoy it.

Here is a new selection of paintings from my 2012 collection:


Collection S&P

Top of the list is “Collection: S & P”. Once again inspired by a friend’s collection¬† of salt and peppers. Not that her kitchen really looks like this; it doesn’t, but she does have a similar collection and it is in her kitchen – and all around her windows!


The Learning Tree

“The Learning Tree” is a fancied spot in the imagination where all children come together for play and learning. Growing up in South Dakota I remember being part of a neighborhood “gang”. We threw snowballs together, read each other’s comics, rode our bikes to Saturday matinees. We were part of the local “tribe” and loved it. Inspired by competition for a library mural, when I did not get the job, I painted it small anyway.



“Trio” relies on an old standby for me – chairs. Here are two chairs and a chest. Inspired by children’s chairs from Mexico, my ‘technique’ here is a little off-kilter, but the effect is the same: playful, colorful, chubby furniture just waiting for the nearest child to arrive. Even the chest is child height, just right for little hands to open all the drawers.

The February Sale!

For those of you who can’t make it in person, we are once again extenting the sale to the web. All orders through February 28th receive the same clearance sale special prices.


But, first, let me introduce you to a pair of “Peekin” cats – one of my newest paintings. These two have a lovely cat game going on; who will jump first? And will a chase ensue?


Street Musician





“Street Musician” is another of my infamous armadillos. My husband, J. swears this is the Year Of The Armadillo. (Don’t tell the Chinese) This wandering minstrel has two fellow wanderers for his audience. They are cheering him on as he sings for their breakfast in a friendly, but quiet village somewhere south.


Our third painting shows a very pleased, if not surprised, 15 year old surveying the opening of the party for her “Quinceaners”. She is young, naive perhaps, in the bloom of youth, a sweet beauty somewhere in Mexico. 





These three are among my newest images; I hope they will add to your enjoyment as you peruse the entire catalog.

May you find just the right print that will bring joy to yourself and your friends!
Prices are the lowest of the year – just in time for Valentine’s Day or any celebration the entire month of February!

the complete catalog at’s to a Quiet Winter and a Sweet Spring.

– Judy