UA Arts Festival Monday Sept 5th

Hello World
Hooray! I’ve just celebrated my big 75th year! I can hardly believe it.

The library work continues, but my new love is an afternoon once a week as an art volunteer at The Good Will Art Studio. These people are so great, from clients to the staff that keep it all running smoothly. It serves as my art outlet for the week. I know that it’s not much studio time, but for now it seems the best I can do. I get to let my art hair down, surrounded by friends.

Good news on the shopping cart! It’s back
up and fully operational. J. worked very hard to re-work the site after it went down, so I hope you will browse through the different painting topics, maybe find something you haven’t seen before. If you feel like shopping, it all works.

FascinationAnd there are some new paintings. “Fascination” is the first. A feline trait I find wonderful as well as perplexing is the desire to drink only “fresh” water straight out of the faucet. Here is an old-fashioned kitty in a very old-fashioned kitchen carefully investigating the odd drip from the sink tap.

RaggamuffinsP “Ragamuffins” is an odder piece still. Based on a drawing from my old notebook, it depicts three characters (perhaps sock monkeys) poised outside their unconventional house and garden. These characters have long since left the definition of SM and gone their own way. While the original is a bit over-size we shrank it for the print. Both paintings are packed with color and I hope you like them

Plans currently are to be present on Sept. …..for the annual  Labor Day arts and crafts fair in the park behind the Upper Arlington library.  We still have to consult with the weather forecasters, but we expect to be there. Look for us in Booth 123.

We’re Back

The February Sale
is now the Special July Sale!

The server that handles our online payments went off line in February, when Judy holds her annual sale. After months of searched and comparisons, I finally found a way to integrate Judy’s collection of paintings with PayPal standard buttons. VooDoo? Anyway it seems to work. I’m a self tought developer, so let me know if you find any problems.

   Just shop online or give us a call (614-444-4568). Remember we pay postage (or we’ll drive it to your door if you live close enough, or you can pick it up at the house.

J. — Judy’s husband
         J. Webster Vierow –


New Challenges

Hi again!
I have been busy lately with a series of drawings/paintings on wood. I got interested in colored pens and pencils and needed a base other than simple paper, just as a new challenge. So I chose simple boxes from Dick Blick art supplies (if anyone wants to try it.)

After all art is always a new challenge one way or another.



“Siege” is my take on the old dragon and castle theme. In the original box the two inch sides are also decorated as an extension of the images on the top of the box.

These are really a continuation of my little cites and castles that I have been painting for the last two years. The colored pencils allow more nuance and shading. Love those stone blocks! They remind me of a park in Duluth, Minnesota near my grandmother’s home. It was built during the 30’s for the WPA. My brother and I used to play there on great stone stairs and walls. It was large enough that it seemed like the walls and stairs of a real life castle. Such is childhood…





the desert is being replenished!

TransmigrationThe inspirational rain has arrived and I am happy in my studio again. I am working in new materials and it has taken awhile for me to find my rhythm.

About a year ago I began working with colored pencils and pens on Blick wood panels and several new works have resulted. The current “painting” (what do I call them?) is really mixed medium. I still want to qualify as a painter, but different materials become a challenge and challenge is good for the brain!JudyPainting

So here we are with some of the recent “paintings”  and an early preview of the latest work. These are more delicate than previous and I have forsaken my black undercoat. I am still looking for a non-blurring final coat to seal everything. Do any of you have a suggestion? Please email back if you do. (I am considering covering with a thin layer of cold wax. Have you used it as a sealant?


As you can see, I aPaintngEdgem still working with my fantasy/architectural theme and my dragon has become more detailed. The theme of “Seige” has been explored before in paint, just in case it looks familiar. Part of the painting extends over the edges on all four sides making its own frame. The print includes only the top surface, not the sNewPaintingsides, so each original includes more of the bonus image!


That’s all for now folks.
– Judy

Doodling Fun!

Remember how fun doodling is?
I can forget about everything else when I paint, draw, doodle.HomesteadsRecently I began working on wood, foregoing my usual black gesso undercoat, and using colored pencils and pens. Some are the Homestead series in which the odd houses become the “people” in  little towns. Others are part of the ‘Castles’ series with more of a fairytale feeling. In all of them I manage to doodle my way around stones and shingles and paths until somehow the scene emerges.Castles-Sundance
Comfest is comming!
See them at the first show of the season. Come by the booth in Goodale Park during Comfest the three-day weekend June 26 – 28.I’ll be under the trees on the little driveway in the middle of the park. It’s a long weekend, yes, but Hey! It’s Comfest! That’s right! The eternal hippie fest right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Remember when? So come out on Friday through Sunday in the Short North. Enjoy the sights, bring your dog (actually it’s not really recommended) and hoist a wet one! I’ll have several new pieces (originals on wood) and prints of them too. See you there!

Welcome to the New Year

As we enter the New Year 2015 we are getting ready for the Clearance Sale.

Eight is a colorful rendition of a village where the houses themselves seem to be the town’s inhabitants, Silly, yes – and lots of fun.


odcCard This is a once-a-year Bargain bonanza held on January at the fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio. All artisans discount their wares dramatically and my paintings, prints, miniprints and cards will be no exception! They will be marked a whopping 1/3 off! This means cards will be a mere $2.00 each, prints $20, and matted prints will be $30. If this gets your bargain ducts salivating, so be it, and all artists at the sale will have low prices as well. It’s an incredible opportunity.

Boxes, Little Boxes
This is a photo of a lark!. Recently, I worked on five small blank suitcase-shaped “boxes”, inscribing them with odd houses, domiciles, dragons, cats, etc.You name it (almost) it’s on one of these boxes, both inside and out and all the way around. I had more fun watching Ellen in the afternoon and using my colored pencils, pens and what have you to make these fantastical little suitcases come alive. They found loving homes with family for Christmas, but I could easily make more if you are interested……

Christmas was fine with family as the backbone of it all. It’s the only time I get to see everyone together and I cherish it. My hubby has the best relatives I could wish for. So I hope you and yours has a likewise great get-together with less hassle than the traditional stories would have us believe.Now the Cold weather has hit with forecasts predicting clear and frigid.I’m even keeping my Big Cat Bubba indoors, much to his chagrin. But he had a cold a few days ago and I grew tired listening to kitty snits. All three of the felines are in good shape, though not so trim as cutting off their third daily feeding last Spring would lead one to believe! But I could go on about their idiosyncrasies!Better yet, come by the booth on January 24 and 25 at the Lausche building on the
Ohio State Fairgrounds. Sat. 10 -5, Sun. 11 – 4.
We can exchange cat stories to our hearts content.

New Shows 2014

June is looking like the beginning of the year around here – with the advent (we hope) of warm weather, come the first of our shows. They are all old favorites and will keep us occupied for the entire month. While I know the attractions of gardening and yard work this time of year, why not take a time-out from the tomatoes and pansies and visit the shows coming your way. We look forward to greeting you at the booth and hearing how your year is progressing.

First on the docket is the 31st Annual Art By The Falls,
Riverside Park in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Saturday, June 7, 10 am – 7 pm and Sunday,
June 8, 11 am – 5 pm.
Booth 39.

This is a lovely setting with plenty of arts experience and they know how to put on a great show. Riverside Park is in the center of a lovely Norman Rockwell style village; you really need to get an ice cream cone and come across the bridge and visit the art show. In addition they raffle off pieces donated by all the artists, so ‘come on down’ to Booth 39.

Our second show is Shaker Heights Arts and Music Festival in the
Van Aken Shopping Center and Shaker Heights Country Club,
Shaker Heights,
(Cleveland) Ohio.
Dates are June 21 – 22. Saturday  10 – 8;
Sunday  11 – 5.

It is located in the parking lot on the North side of Farnsleigh Road. To locate through Internet or GPS use the street address for the Fresh Market in the Van Aken Shopping Center, 20233 Van Aken Blvd, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122-3619.

This is a top-notch show run by Ohio Designer Craftsmen; you will not be disappointed!

The third show in our trio is that old favorite Comfest. Run by the  Community Festival here in Columbus, it is a home-grown
show that has as many as 80,000 coming through over three days.
Dates are June 27, 28 & 29, 2014.

My booth is located in the inside street loop, under the trees, same place I’ve been for years! It’s cooler there.

Hours are to 11 on Friday, til 10 Saturday, and 9 pm Sunday, though we might close a bit earlier depending on the weather. Yes, I’ve been rained on and rained out several times, but we all keep coming back in defiance of the odds. So break out your jeans and cut-offs and prepareto relax to a wide variety of music venues and booths. Bring a picnic (just no alcohol) and stop in at the Booth Under The Trees. See you there!

Now that you  know our deepest, darkest schedule secrets you can make plans to intercept us on one of our appointed rounds. See you soon!

                     – Judy

Spring is finally here

Hey! I think the crocus are poking up their heads! Harbingers of
Spring are definitely looking hopeful after this ultra-long winter and
I could not be more pleased. Projects around the house are even
looking do-able again and we just received our first new show of 2014
notice. Looks like Chagrin Falls in June will be the first show of the
season. Frankly, I was not sure we would be up to doing shows again,
period, but with a little good luck and my hubby’s continued health
improvement (knock on wood) we’ll be there. Miracles happen. A good
thought to keep in mind as warmer weather makes everything look
possible. God Bless us all.

Our Clearance Sale in February was a success again this year. Some of
you hardcore art collectors out there made us very happy and we thank
all of you who responded to our midwinter sale. We appreciate your
kind words and your orders.

I have not been very  busy in the studio. Too busy reading Diana
Gabaldone’s Outlander series – and I’m only into the second book. She
combines history with touches of fantasy and scifi from a strong
woman’s point of view and I love it all! Let me know if you are a fan
as well, or tell me what you are reading… either online or when we
see one another at a booth this summer. I’ll let you  know the future
list of shows when we have a list. For now, I’ll see you at Chagrin
Falls in June.
Have a good one friends! – Judy

February On-Line Sale

The polar inversion is over, but so is the Studio Arts Clearance Sale.

Fear not, it’s time again for my annual February On-Line sale. If you were locked in by the cold, or don’t live in Columbus, you can get the same great prices on the web with free shipping (on orders of $10 or more)

As frosty February dawns, we are preparing to launch new paintings. I am concentrating of dogs again with one called “Friendly Dogs” – we all know a few of those. Let me know if these canines remind you of any you know.

Friendly Dogs

Clearance Sale!

I’m told my unexciting life needs a little chili pepper in it, so here goes, my revised blog for the first of the year 2013. Speaking of chili, there is a fresh pot simmering in the crock pot on this CCCcold Saturday morning. We have been to the store and I have added the green pepper to the chili mix. It will be a nice thick pot, too.

Additionally, I am using my ASUS tablet to write this for the very first time. Writing for the blog and email, etc. were two of the biggest reasons for getting this tablet, so I’d better make good on this gift!

Cats300Back in the studio again, I have tried a new idea. Just before Christmas I was commissioned to make a painting of two wonderful cats who clearly enjoyed each other from the photos given to me to work with. I enjoyed the challenge and came up with this paintings of Max and Zola. And thus is launched a new aspect of my painting career…


It’s hard to show the detail in shadows on the web, but this close-up is a lot closer to the real thing.

I am now in the official market as a painter of specific, personal, loving pets, probably dogs and cats, though I could be up for the personable guinea pig if prodded.

If you know someone who has a loving four-legged friend who needs a self portrait, please pass the word. Special prices apply, so give me a call at 614-444-4568 and we can talk.

odcCard The new year is beginning again and the first show is in the offing. The fabulous Art Studio Clearance Sale opens its doors January 25 & 26 at the Lausche Building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus.

We will have deeply discounted art work for yourself, for gifts, for mailing to friends. Shows this time of year in Ohio are notably scarce, so if you have a hankering to shop for handmade, artist-made creations, then come on out.

This show is sponsored by Ohio Designer Craftsman, the same people who brought you Winterfair in December and many of the same artists will be there! Everyone needs to clear off the work bench and you benefit with great bargains everywhere. So please stop by Booth #201, say hello and give a hug and pick up cards, prints, matted prints, mini prints, even framed prints and originals. We offer the full spectrum of our wares. And in case you don’t make it out to the Clearance Sale, remember February is our own Clearance Sale with deep discounts on the web. Watch for further announcements.

Art Studio Clearance Sale
Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014 12 pm to 5 pm
Lausche Building, Ohio State Fairgrounds
Admission $6, 12 and under free, free return both days