Who Am I???

I live in Columbus with my artist husband and five cats, who run the household, literally. I always seem to be jumping to their beck and call…

I work part time at the Columbus. Metro Library downtown, in the children’s section and I love my job.

My real work, however, is still in the studio, even though I occassionally go through a dry period. When this hits I usually wind up doing something not in my usual line of work just to get the creative juices flowing again. So yesterday I spent the day collaging and painting a box with a lid that someone gave me.

I work in a second floor studio that used to be a bedroom. It is small, but so is my work. Most of it is on watercolor blocks seldom bigger than 12 x 16, or smaller. I use acrylic paints. Sometimes I mix, but mostly I use them straight from the tube. I paint the paper with black gesso first, sometimes two coats. When it is dry I make a quick sketch of some idea floating through my head or maybe a thought I made in a sketchbook, anything to get the general idea on paper. From there I add in colors and gradually get more detailed. Usually I do not have a finished idea when I start. I get in a zone somewhere and let the ideas flow through me and onto the paper. Somehow it comes. That’s part of the fun of being an artist – not having a solid idea where you are going at the
beginning – jsut letting it come.

My background a zillion years ago was in painting at the University of Oklahoma. I went from there to Ohio State University where I got an MA. Printmaker Sidney Chafetz was a huge help and inspiration to me. I still love woodcuts and Japanese prints, particularly 20th century prints. If I collected I might collect them.

After school I was a weaver for about ten years, then got into quiltmaking and batiking. I got an Ohio Arts Council grant and then a GCAC grant for the quiltmaking. Mostly I did quilts with some recognizable imagery, often using goddesses or feminine images. Sorry I don’t have the old website available any longer.

About the time my Mom died in the mid 90’s I went through another dry spell and thought I would switch mediums for a little while to get back inspiration. Turned out I liked the new medium so much I never went back to quilting.

I love old furniture, funky is great. Animals are another source of inspiration. Cats, and dogs more recently, seem to be the animus spiritus of the scene in the painting. I also love folk art, especially Mexican art. I have made one trip to Mexico, but I was painting Day of the Dead images long before I went. Something about their approach to Life and Death and humor that appeals to me.

I’ve been at this thing called “art” in one form or another for a very long time. I sell reproductions of my work at art fairs and over the web, and someties have the good fortune to sell an original. I do believe it is possible to make a living doing one’s art, but it is hard work. My husband helps by doing about 80 percent of the work for the booth – matting, printing, driving, setting me up; he’s a real trooper. One of my “lessons” for this lifetime is that the universe wants me to do my art and will help support me through it. I am enjoying the journey.