UA Arts Festival Monday Sept 5th

Hello World
Hooray! I’ve just celebrated my big 75th year! I can hardly believe it.

The library work continues, but my new love is an afternoon once a week as an art volunteer at The Good Will Art Studio. These people are so great, from clients to the staff that keep it all running smoothly. It serves as my art outlet for the week. I know that it’s not much studio time, but for now it seems the best I can do. I get to let my art hair down, surrounded by friends.

Good news on the shopping cart! It’s back
up and fully operational. J. worked very hard to re-work the site after it went down, so I hope you will browse through the different painting topics, maybe find something you haven’t seen before. If you feel like shopping, it all works.

FascinationAnd there are some new paintings. “Fascination” is the first. A feline trait I find wonderful as well as perplexing is the desire to drink only “fresh” water straight out of the faucet. Here is an old-fashioned kitty in a very old-fashioned kitchen carefully investigating the odd drip from the sink tap.

RaggamuffinsP “Ragamuffins” is an odder piece still. Based on a drawing from my old notebook, it depicts three characters (perhaps sock monkeys) poised outside their unconventional house and garden. These characters have long since left the definition of SM and gone their own way. While the original is a bit over-size we shrank it for the print. Both paintings are packed with color and I hope you like them

Plans currently are to be present on Sept. …..for the annual  Labor Day arts and crafts fair in the park behind the Upper Arlington library.  We still have to consult with the weather forecasters, but we expect to be there. Look for us in Booth 123.