New Challenges

Hi again!
I have been busy lately with a series of drawings/paintings on wood. I got interested in colored pens and pencils and needed a base other than simple paper, just as a new challenge. So I chose simple boxes from Dick Blick art supplies (if anyone wants to try it.)

After all art is always a new challenge one way or another.



“Siege” is my take on the old dragon and castle theme. In the original box the two inch sides are also decorated as an extension of the images on the top of the box.

These are really a continuation of my little cites and castles that I have been painting for the last two years. The colored pencils allow more nuance and shading. Love those stone blocks! They remind me of a park in Duluth, Minnesota near my grandmother’s home. It was built during the 30’s for the WPA. My brother and I used to play there on great stone stairs and walls. It was large enough that it seemed like the walls and stairs of a real life castle. Such is childhood…