the desert is being replenished!

TransmigrationThe inspirational rain has arrived and I am happy in my studio again. I am working in new materials and it has taken awhile for me to find my rhythm.

About a year ago I began working with colored pencils and pens on Blick wood panels and several new works have resulted. The current “painting” (what do I call them?) is really mixed medium. I still want to qualify as a painter, but different materials become a challenge and challenge is good for the brain!JudyPainting

So here we are with some of the recent “paintings”  and an early preview of the latest work. These are more delicate than previous and I have forsaken my black undercoat. I am still looking for a non-blurring final coat to seal everything. Do any of you have a suggestion? Please email back if you do. (I am considering covering with a thin layer of cold wax. Have you used it as a sealant?


As you can see, I aPaintngEdgem still working with my fantasy/architectural theme and my dragon has become more detailed. The theme of “Seige” has been explored before in paint, just in case it looks familiar. Part of the painting extends over the edges on all four sides making its own frame. The print includes only the top surface, not the sNewPaintingsides, so each original includes more of the bonus image!


That’s all for now folks.
– Judy