Welcome to the New Year

As we enter the New Year 2015 we are getting ready for the Clearance Sale.

Eight is a colorful rendition of a village where the houses themselves seem to be the town’s inhabitants, Silly, yes – and lots of fun.


odcCard This is a once-a-year Bargain bonanza held on January at the fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio. All artisans discount their wares dramatically and my paintings, prints, miniprints and cards will be no exception! They will be marked a whopping 1/3 off! This means cards will be a mere $2.00 each, prints $20, and matted prints will be $30. If this gets your bargain ducts salivating, so be it, and all artists at the sale will have low prices as well. It’s an incredible opportunity.

Boxes, Little Boxes
This is a photo of a lark!. Recently, I worked on five small blank suitcase-shaped “boxes”, inscribing them with odd houses, domiciles, dragons, cats, etc.You name it (almost) it’s on one of these boxes, both inside and out and all the way around. I had more fun watching Ellen in the afternoon and using my colored pencils, pens and what have you to make these fantastical little suitcases come alive. They found loving homes with family for Christmas, but I could easily make more if you are interested……

Christmas was fine with family as the backbone of it all. It’s the only time I get to see everyone together and I cherish it. My hubby has the best relatives I could wish for. So I hope you and yours has a likewise great get-together with less hassle than the traditional stories would have us believe.Now the Cold weather has hit with forecasts predicting clear and frigid.I’m even keeping my Big Cat Bubba indoors, much to his chagrin. But he had a cold a few days ago and I grew tired listening to kitty snits. All three of the felines are in good shape, though not so trim as cutting off their third daily feeding last Spring would lead one to believe! But I could go on about their idiosyncrasies!Better yet, come by the booth on January 24 and 25 at the Lausche building on the
Ohio State Fairgrounds. Sat. 10 -5, Sun. 11 – 4.
We can exchange cat stories to our hearts content.