Spring is finally here

Hey! I think the crocus are poking up their heads! Harbingers of
Spring are definitely looking hopeful after this ultra-long winter and
I could not be more pleased. Projects around the house are even
looking do-able again and we just received our first new show of 2014
notice. Looks like Chagrin Falls in June will be the first show of the
season. Frankly, I was not sure we would be up to doing shows again,
period, but with a little good luck and my hubby’s continued health
improvement (knock on wood) we’ll be there. Miracles happen. A good
thought to keep in mind as warmer weather makes everything look
possible. God Bless us all.

Our Clearance Sale in February was a success again this year. Some of
you hardcore art collectors out there made us very happy and we thank
all of you who responded to our midwinter sale. We appreciate your
kind words and your orders.

I have not been very  busy in the studio. Too busy reading Diana
Gabaldone’s Outlander series – and I’m only into the second book. She
combines history with touches of fantasy and scifi from a strong
woman’s point of view and I love it all! Let me know if you are a fan
as well, or tell me what you are reading… either online or when we
see one another at a booth this summer. I’ll let you  know the future
list of shows when we have a list. For now, I’ll see you at Chagrin
Falls in June.
Have a good one friends! – Judy