We survived!

Yes, folks, we made it through four shows in four weekends in the month of June. Summerfair, Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights and lastly, Comfest in Columbus.

We have gone through all of our boxes and re-organized everything – and done the dreaded inventory once again. Now, if we assigned a bar code to every item like the grocery stores do, it would be a whole lot easier, but we are not quite there yet – give us a few more years.

Speaking of years, we are debating how many more outdoor shows we can still do in the years ahead. With temperatures soaring into the nineties, we are extremely glad no shows were scheduled for the entire month of July. Viva the AC!

I had a lovely thing happen at the library recently… A youngster about 9 came up to me and asked if I was the lady that does the paintings. When I said yes, he said he had purchased a piece at a recent Comfest and he had a whole wall of my work in his bedroom. And
he looked  so happy when he said it! Be they child or adult, I love to hear how happy the painting makes someone. It makes my day wonderful all over again.

So on to the 35th Annual Lakewood Arts Festival in Cleveland, Saturday, August 4, certainly one  of the best one-day shows around. The show is held on the roped-off street for several blocks in a downtown district that reminds me of the little town in South Dakota where I grew up. Lots of small businesses, some still open during festival. Lakewood hours are 10 to 6. Stop in and see our newest work, buy some cards and keep the post office open!

A few days later, comes Salt Fork Arts and¬† Crafts Festival in the city park, Cambridge, Ohio. We’ve never done this one before, but the festival¬† has a long history and we hope you’ll come. Hours are
Friday, August 10, 11 – 8,
and Saturday, August 11, 9 – 6.

See you there!

The Whatnot ShelfHere is an image from my newest series of whatnot shelves – slightly strange devices from Victorian days that hold whatever feels precious. Wish I’d kept my grandmother’s corner shelf! Now I just paint the memory.

Stay  cheerful РJudy

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