Painting Little Checks!



Hey! You’d never guess I like painting little checks! Well, I do get off on the¬† details and “Casserole” is no exception. A small tableau in a homely life.

Tabletops have been a passion of mine ever since school, where I drew whatever I could find, and the tabletop in my apartment was a prime candidate. I even got a cash award for one of them at University of Oklahoma at Norman.

I sometimes wonder what the new art building there looks like. The sophomores who call me every year say it’s incredible! Trouble is – I know it doesn’t look anything like the ancient architectural monstocity that contained our studio and classroom spaces back in the 60’s. I think going back after all these years might just muddy a lot of fond memories.

If you’re out there, Charles Ng, I’d love to get in touch! And anyone else who carrys a faint memory of life in Norman in the early 60’s, send an email to yours truly at Same goes for everyone who visits this site, send me an email too!! Let’s have a party!

Guess I’m in a sentimental, goofy mood tonight. One thing about this web site, it makes me think about my life both past and present just to uncover content for a new front page. Life is a casserole, after all!

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