A Leap of Faith…

The¬† door to the shows is almost open and we are getting up steam for the summer ahead. A few weeks ago I was sure we would have a broiling hot time under the tent, but considering the very, very cool, even cold weather at this moment, I wonder if we will really actually get to summer this year! We have to take a leap of faith to schedule all the shows on the horizon…

Here are two new paintings:

Amarillo Lovers

“Armadillo Lovers” chronicles the love life of the ever evolving ‘dillo clan, those crazy-patterned, hard-shelled, Southwestern folks. Here, two lovers hold the ‘Impassioned’ position in the ‘Dillo book of favorite clutches. Their version of the ‘Dillo Kama Sutra.

Fiesta Wear

“Fiesta Wear” is another bright, fat, full teapot reminiscent of the famous pottery by (almost) the same name. A jolly purveyor of good cheer in the form of (yum) hot tea with goodies.

May 20 will be our first show of the season, Wyoming, in Cincinnati.

Just today I got a call from our second show of the season, Cincinnati’s Summerfair; we plan to be there the first weekend, June 1-3.

June is definitely our busiest month, with Art by the Falls in Chagrin Falls near Cleveland, the weekend of June 9 and 10.

We hope to be in Shaker Heights ODC show the June 16 weekend, and Comfest here in Columbus, the final weekend of June.

While a few others have been confirmed, some are still pending for the remainder of the summer; stay tuned for more on the following months later.

For now, I hope to see you at one or more of these fine outdoor dhows. You can stop in the booth, say hi, and see the latest prints and some interesting originals as well.

Meanwhile painting in the studio has been slow for awhile. I am working to get my inspiration kick-started again by trying something a bit different; taking that leap of faith turns out to be many tiny leaps of faith in one direction, until a new idea can be moved from the back to the front burner.¬† I feel I am about to make that movement at last – I’ll let you know where it takes me so in the future front pages…

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