What’s it All About

Sometimes as an artist I have to come up¬† with a statement, so I’ve been trying to decide just what is it that I do? – what are my paintings about? “I take what I find around me and I add the “odd” into the everyday. I mostly paint what is around me,¬† ordinary life -¬† and add to it color, weird shapes, unusual images, until it is transformed, off kilter, strange.” 

I am not a folk artist though I feel like one and sometimes almost paint like one. I just hope you enjoy it.

Here is a new selection of paintings from my 2012 collection:


Collection S&P

Top of the list is “Collection: S & P”. Once again inspired by a friend’s collection¬† of salt and peppers. Not that her kitchen really looks like this; it doesn’t, but she does have a similar collection and it is in her kitchen – and all around her windows!


The Learning Tree

“The Learning Tree” is a fancied spot in the imagination where all children come together for play and learning. Growing up in South Dakota I remember being part of a neighborhood “gang”. We threw snowballs together, read each other’s comics, rode our bikes to Saturday matinees. We were part of the local “tribe” and loved it. Inspired by competition for a library mural, when I did not get the job, I painted it small anyway.



“Trio” relies on an old standby for me – chairs. Here are two chairs and a chest. Inspired by children’s chairs from Mexico, my ‘technique’ here is a little off-kilter, but the effect is the same: playful, colorful, chubby furniture just waiting for the nearest child to arrive. Even the chest is child height, just right for little hands to open all the drawers.

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