The February Sale!

For those of you who can’t make it in person, we are once again extenting the sale to the web. All orders through February 28th receive the same clearance sale special prices.


But, first, let me introduce you to a pair of “Peekin” cats – one of my newest paintings. These two have a lovely cat game going on; who will jump first? And will a chase ensue?


Street Musician





“Street Musician” is another of my infamous armadillos. My husband, J. swears this is the Year Of The Armadillo. (Don’t tell the Chinese) This wandering minstrel has two fellow wanderers for his audience. They are cheering him on as he sings for their breakfast in a friendly, but quiet village somewhere south.


Our third painting shows a very pleased, if not surprised, 15 year old surveying the opening of the party for her “Quinceaners”. She is young, naive perhaps, in the bloom of youth, a sweet beauty somewhere in Mexico. 





These three are among my newest images; I hope they will add to your enjoyment as you peruse the entire catalog.

May you find just the right print that will bring joy to yourself and your friends!
Prices are the lowest of the year – just in time for Valentine’s Day or any celebration the entire month of February!

the complete catalog at’s to a Quiet Winter and a Sweet Spring.

– Judy

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